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“Wojood” … Kuwaits first Tech Accelerator

“Wojood” … Kuwaits first Tech Accelerator

An initiative by “Mawaquee” Co. for entrepreneurs

– Al-Nahedh: The launch came in response to the increasing demands of the E-commerce  and online business in Kuwait & the world.

– Demand for Online stores in Kuwait rose by more than 50% in 2020

– More than 18 years of experience in the market will help empower entrepreneurs & accelerate their businesses

– filling market awareness gap in taking the right steps in e-commerce is wojood main mission

“Mawaqaa” Co. For Information Technology And Smart Applications has launched the first Tech accelerator in Kuwait, under the name “Wojood”, empowering real presence for online businesses , & accelerate the growth of emerging e-commerce businesses in their various stages by providing a number of specialized programs , consultations with mentors and many other financial services, that develop into a strategic digital partnership.

In this context, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of “Wojood”  Tech Accelerator , and the President of the Social Media Club, Hind Al-Nahedh , said that the launch of “Wojood” in the current period came in response to the increasing demands of the electronic market in Kuwait, which has shown an increase by 4 folds, since the beginning of this year 2020.

While Al-Nahedh clarified that the demand for e-commerce services in Kuwait increased by more than 50% during the “Corona” pandemic, she expected that 66% of customers would continue to order “online” after the end of the “Corona” Pandemic , especially since the volume of e-commerce in Kuwait has recently reached  $ 1.1 billion locally , while the number of active accounts in this field reached about 2.4 million users , 80% of which have bank accounts, among them about 66% Youth , indicating that 36% of Kuwait’s population depends on online purchases, which confirms the importance of  launching “Wojood” tech accelerator initiative to empower and speed this growing ecosystem .

Al-Nahedh pointed out that “Wojood” seeks to harness the deep experience of its  team of Mentors to empower Businesses in different fields, whether in e-commerce  or onboarding non-digital stores in general, to accelerate entrepreneurs businesses & experience, by focusing on the real needs and qualifications for growth and by then making revenues, especially since 80% of projects fail to do so after launch , lacking major support system in that phase, and here is where the role of Wojood becomes crucial , eventually making these  businesses strategic tech partners and many future investment opportunities.

She pointed out that the services of “Wojood” will focus on the needs of the local market, by providing guidance and direction in empowering digital projects in terms of providing all smart solutions and other desired business activities in Kuwait, in addition to providing technical, digital marketing and training support to project owners & upcoming entrepreneurs , as well as future investment opportunities for promising projects with Wojood partners.

Al-Nahedh explained that  “Wojood” Tech accelerator will be providing  ongoing consultations provided by a team of experts & mentors in various fields, including digital marketing, e-commerce , and technical support, along with providing financial opportunities for Businesses , to accelerate their  “online” presence , making  “Wojood” an integrated Tech business accelerator.

“Mawaqaa” Co., the launching Company for  “Wojood” 1st Tech accelerator in Kuwait , is considered one of the leading companies in the market of Kuwait, and the region, in Websites Design and smart applications since 2002. It works in the State of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates – Dubai.

The National Company for Websites “Mawaqaa” was founded in 2002. It is a leading company in providing solutions to website for 19 years with fruitful achievements of more than 970 projects om governmental and public institutions, ministries, petroleum, e-commerce, hospitals, general trade, communications, shopping and entertainment, and many more , by 130 specialized employees stationed in Kuwait, Dubai and India.

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